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  • 2017-08-26 23:34:16
    *Gnosis (GNO)* - On the day's candles chart a precursor of the medium-term period has appeared, it gaves us a signal for a smooth change of the downtrend to the uptrend - a rounded bottom. The price bounced from a *strong support line of 0.03508160*, and headed up. The next notable line of resistance on the way of the uptrend is *0.06965294*. This asset may be purchased for short term (1 month). *Recommended buy zone - 0.03508160 - 0.0446746 - ??? 0.048 Recommended sell zone - 0.0582 and higher. Current price - 0.04610000* _Before using signal, we provide to buy a coin, make sure to read our recommendations_ *HERE*


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