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Disclaimer of Liability

General Risk Disclosure

Uniton provides this website as a service to its clients.

Subscribers, clients, partners, suppliers and third parties are acknowledged that Uniton holds no responsibility for any loss or damage, missed opportunities, and lost profit caused by using information or the link leading to any information contained within this website, including news of the market, the heading "Training" , a blog, a calendar, a mining calculator, information about ICO, analytics and trade recommendations, sync trading. The fact, that information posted on the website is periodically updated, does not guarantee that it is correct, complete or up-to-date.

Uniton provides no guaranties, concerning the accuracy or profitability of the deals posted on its website. You have to make your own independent market investigation and consider any possible trade advices, advices about investment of funds and giving of rights to trade.

By using this website, you agree to the "Disclaimer" and accept all responsibility that may be assigned on you.

Third Party Content

While some information may include links that provide direct access to other Internet resources, including websites, Uniton is not responsible for accuracy and content of the information posted on the third party websites.

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Content Posted on the Website

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Please note, that downloading, retransmission or reproduction of any images or graphics from the website is strictly prohibited. The images cannot be downloaded, copied, reproduced, distributed and/or reused without Uniton permission as specified in company’s License Policy and its Terms and Conditions.

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Discrepancies in Translation

Uniton tries to make its website navigation the most convenient, therefore, it is translated into many languages. In case of discrepancy occurred between the original text in Russian and the translated text, the source Russian text prevails. By referring to the materials provided on Uniton website, you acknowledge and accept that Uniton will not be responsible for direct or consequential lose or damage caused partially or entirely by incomplete or inaccurate translation of the original English text into another language.

Personal Data Confidentiality and Privacy

Uniton Company has the right to request and store your personal data with administrative or legal purpose, with no restriction, including your name and address. Moreover, we can request financial information as well as the e-mail address that will be used to enter the system. Your e-mail address will not be transferred to any third parties, however, it may be used by Uniton with marketing purpose to promote its products.

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All information provided by you is protected. It will be disclosed to the third parties, such as administrative or judicial authorities, only in cases required by applicable law, or if you have written consent required for such disclosure. You can revoke the consent or change its content at any time.